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A project that explores the relationship between the human brain activity and the physical world. The neural maze is the product of creating forms that engage the human mind. The ‘maze’ is historically used my humans to study spatial awareness and intelligence. The maze is designed as a physical formulation of walls or boundaries that creates confusing pathways which ultimately vary in levels of difficulty and complexity. The maze has the ability to keep a person mentally engaged as they constantly attempt to re-orientate themselves to find their spatial bearings.  
A modular maze structure is designed to constantly change its path in order to create different levels of difficulty. The extensive fibre optic installation consists of thousands of neural networks which light up as a person enters.  The neural networks change colour by reacting to emotional response by reading a person’s brain activity. The Neural Maze is proposed as an outdoor installation to allow the public to engage with physical forms that could stimulate brain activity.


Physical/Virtual Dialectic


Neural Maze
Maze Routes
Day View
Night View
Axonometric Drawing
Interior View
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