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The Parasitic Playhouse challenges the dialectic between work and play. This concept breaks boundaries between chaos and order, formal and informal. Productivity has always been a fundamental factor for the standard office model. This project explores a new typology where the chaos and order can coexist. The parasite is used as metaphor to represent the common perception of fun. In a standard office, ‘fun’ is often the thief of productive time. Fun is preconceived as a disrupter of productivity. This project challenges the perception of fun and its effects in a workspace. This notion of fun is challenged by having parasitic structures embedded into an office building, like a living organism disrupting its function. The project explores injecting pockets of play into everyday life. The parasitic spaces will inject elements of wonder, imagination, play, and child-like memories into an ordinary space. It will be a vessel that celebrates wonder and joy in everyday life. This parasitic space is designed to inspire users to explore, innovate and behave in a way they would not normally behave in a controlled and rigid space. It explores how an unconventional working habit can contribute to the quality of life.


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